CSharpTest.Net.Collections Namespace (CSharpTest.Net.BPlusTree)
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CSharpTest.Net.BPlusTree Assembly : CSharpTest.Net.Collections Namespace

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ClassBPlusTree<TKey,TValue> Implements an IDictionary interface for a simple file-based database
ClassBPlusTree.Options<TKey,TValue> Defines the options nessessary to construct a BPlusTree implementation
ClassBPlusTree.OptionsV2<TKey,TValue> Defines the options nessessary to construct a BPlusTree implementation
ClassBPlusTreeOptions<TKey,TValue> Defines the options nessessary to construct a BPlusTree implementation
ClassBulkInsertOptions Options for bulk insertion
ClassTransactionLog<TKey,TValue> The default transaction log for a BPlusTree instance to provide backup+log recovery
ClassTransactionLogOptions<TKey,TValue> Options used to initialize a TransactionLog


InterfaceINodeStorage Represents a persistance mechanic for node data
InterfaceINodeStoreWithCount An optional interface that allows storage provides to persist the record count
InterfaceIStorageHandle Identifies a class as a reference to a node instance
InterfaceITransactionLog<TKey,TValue> Represents a transaction log of writes to a dictionary.


StructureTransactionToken A value representing the state/identifer/object of a single transaction. The field's meaning is defined by the ITrasactionLog implementation and is otherwise treated as an opaque token identifier of the transaction.


EnumerationBPlusTree.DebugFormat<TKey,TValue> Print formatting for nodes
EnumerationCachePolicy Determines the type of node caching used in the tree
EnumerationCreatePolicy Determines if the file specified should be created
EnumerationExistingLogAction Defines the action to perform when opening a BPlusTree with an existing log file.
EnumerationFileVersion Determines the binary file format and backwards compatibility
EnumerationStoragePerformance Defines the levels of durability the store will try to achieve. 'Uncommitted changes' in the descriptions below refers to all changes made to the tree since the last call to CommitChanges() on the BPlusTree class.
EnumerationStorageType Defines the storage type to use

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